The Fruit of Sodomy is an Inseminated Turd
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“If you stand UP for what’s RIGHT against those who do WRONG, you will be shot DOWN.”

...but we know that’s not the end of the world, in fact for some, like the Jesuit Mexican Martyr Blessed Miguel Augustin Pro, S.J., it’s been the beginning of a new one, one of refreshment, light and peace. He prayed for his enemies even when his being shot down was based on FALSE ACCUSATIONS, something I, Craig Walterscheid, have had as the FEATURED CROSS of my life.


Craig Walterscheid
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St. Aloysius Gonzaga
June 21, 2013

John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe

Dear John:

I address you by your first name as we are now “friends” (albeit just FaceBook friends).

Thank you for taking interest in this letter and my concern for the state of affairs in our Church. I know and admit that I, like so many others, take a very critical view of our wayward clergy, often failing to stop and realize that they come from among us. True restoration starts in the home of the heart. Our DAILY battle, daily struggle is our own conversion. Nevertheless, as in any business, company, organization, etc., if wrongdoing is not pointed out and exposed for correction, it will just keep growing. The manner of dealing with it is where many err. But that is not our fault, since we shouldn’t have to be dealing with so many of these errors and evils in the first place. NO ONE should harm a child...least of all a priest.

Though I’m on vacation and do have more time than normal, I’m using it for so many necessary home repairs, work, garden tending, plus a myriad of errands to run. So here is the gist of the molestation that is not spelled out in the open letter to Cardinal Mahony.

In my sophomore year of high school at Loyola High School Jesuit College Prep., while an English student in Mr. Gregory Boyle, S.J.’s class (N.B.: Mr. = Scholastic, pre-ordination), he showed us a movie, Being There with Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine, in which MacLaine, in a bedroom scene with Sellers (playing the part of “Chauncey Gardiner”), dressed in a nightgown, MASTURBATES to climax, as “Chauncey” watches T.V.

Towards the end of the movie, as Chauncey Gardiner is walking on a pool in the back yard of the mansion he worked at, Mr. Boyle said something like “now pay attention, folks” (“folks” being a term he often used) to draw our attention to the movie’s reference to our Lord’s walking on water. This showed that he supposedly had seen the movie before, and couldn’t claim that the masturbation scene was unexpected...besides, it was so long it could have been stopped and fast-forwarded.

Now two things I know, and another I highly suspect: 1) that this scene constitutes PORNOGRAPHY, a video of a woman masturbating to climax (it’s regarded as one of the most famous feature film masturbation scenes ever...Google it); 2) it is a CRIME (I first heard about this in reference to England, but it is also in the U.S.) to show an underage child pornography (it’s a form of non-physical sexual molestation/abuse); 3) the Modern Church lost shepherds, leaders of the “Patriotic Church”, “American Catholic Church”, “Church of Nice” (to use Michael Voris’ terms) would laugh me to scorn were I to make any complaint about this.

However, the video of Father Boyle’s ATTACK on the sacred institution of Marriage that I saw via LifeSiteNews is about 666 BILLION times WORSE than his attack on underage children’s purity (purity is another concept Church of Nice members would PROUDLY and haughtily scoff at.). To attack marriage by suggesting there is nothing wrong with what brave Cameroon Archbishop Simon-Victor Tonyé Bakot calls a “serious crime against humanity”, namely Same-Sex “Marriage” is a travesty of justice that NO ONE, especially NO PRIEST, let alone a priest of the self-proclaimed guardians and proponents and preachers and custodians of “Social” Justice, the S.J.s. should ever be involved in. [The “women’s ordination” idiocy doesn’t even merit comment except to say this: I am SO SADDENED that there are Catholics, even good Catholics out there, who still, to this day, don’t understand that even if the POPE himself were to perform the entire Priestly Ordination Ceremony on a woman, an orangutan (female or male) a llama (of either sex), a tree, a chair, a lamp, etc. (imagine what you will, a snake or a weasel since we’re dealing with Modernists here), NONE of them would receive the Sacrament of Priesthood. It’s not a question of some “church law” preventing it. It’s a question of POSSIBILITY. It’s simply IMPOSSIBLE for a woman to ever receive the sacrament of the Priesthood. Period. Who taught these people? It’s a NON-issue, except among the NON-educated “Catholics”, which scandalously includes both laymen and priests!]

That Father Gregory Boyle, S.J. should NOT be honored with speaking at the Catholic Charities event is an understatement. He should not be honored with speaking at ANY event. He should be suspended and relieved of his duties and compelled to recant publicly his attacks on society and marriage, sent to a monastery to do strict penance, and become a sign of contradiction to help lead other heretical, egotistical Modernist clergy to REFORM themselves. We KNOW they live opulent, cushy lives. That’s no secret at all. They ALL need to return to wearing clerical dress, and limit themselves to two cassocks/ stinky one they wear, while the other is in the wash. A repentant Fr. Boyle’s message against hypocrisy could be: “Fellow priests: Live poorer than your poorest parishioner, or the world will never believe all our diatribes against poverty.” That’s my suggestion.

If you so desire, I would like help contacting the correct authorities to at least attempt to get this Judas-priest denied the Catholic Charities speaking engagement. In the very least, I can surely provide the Church of Nice hypocrites with another lowly layman to scoff at.

May God bless you and our Lady keep you.

In Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph,

Craig Walterscheid
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LifeSite News: Catholic Charities Invites Pro-Gay-Marriage Priest to Keynote Annual Gathering!
Watch this horror video (below) and just be amazed at the logic of a Jesuit who was obviously never taught Logic in high school, college, seminary, anywhere. Oh, and try the “reductio ad absurdum” (reduction to the absurd: disproof of a proposition by showing an absurdity to which it leads when carried to its logical conclusion), by substituting another “serious crime against humanity” (that’s what the BRAVE Archbishop of Youandé, Cameroon, His Excellency Simon-Victor Tonyé Bakot called Same-Sex “Marriage”). Try legalized rape or legalized child-killing or legalized arson (for pyromaniacs). Bear in mind that this Judas priest honors legislator mass-murderers like ProAbortion Antonio Villaraigosa.

What you will see is two minutes and forty seconds of the Diabolical Disorientation in the Church that Sister Lucia of Fatima warned us about.

Listen really carefully to the following and then ask yourself if YOU, too, don’t have the right to pontificate that [this is really amazing, btw] “I don’t think that anyone who has a ‘connection’ to God is going to say that ________[supply your favorite crime...adultery, auto theft, child beating, embezzlement, prostitution, extortion, child molestation, etc.] couldn’t ‘happen’.” [Nota Bene: guy had to have been sniffing glue when he came up with that doozie.]

[0:16 – 0:35] I think it’s always important to kinda say, “How does God see sexual orientation? Does God feel, like, that Same-Sex Marriage couldn’t happen?” I don’t think anybody who has a connection to God, and God’s understanding and depth of compassion is gonna say no.

In other words, if you or Archbishop Simon-Victor Tonyé Bakot of Cameroon, Africa, or anyone else, don’t accept Same-Sex “Marriage” (which the brave archbishop rightly calls a “serious crime against humanity”), then you and the archbishop and everyone else just “don’t have a ‘connection’ to God, and God’s understanding and depth of compassion.” Child-Molestor Greg Boyle, the Oracle of God, hath thus spoken. All bow in reverence to his Supreme Declaration of God’s Word & Will.

[1:57 – 2:22] ...and you cannot demonize people you know. It obliterates that forever. So, um, and that’s important in all these issues, you know, from Gay Marriage to, you know, all you need to know is a gay couple who has kids, and that obliterates forever anybody’s inclination to say this is wrong. But it’s only because you don’t know anybody.

Ahhh, so now we know why Pope Benedict CONDEMNED homosexual adoption of children, saying that when homosexuals adopt children it “does violence” to the children. His Holiness just “didn’t know anybody”. That explains it. Silly Pope, ya gotta get out more often. [Wow. And this guy Boyle is a spiritual LEADER in the Church in the L.A. Archdiocese? Just another reason I call it the “helL.A. Arch-die-ocese”. A spiritual wasteland if there ever was one.]